Committed Leaders: master new habits and build a flourishing company ready to take on the future


Your future success will be won or lost on your ability to change your habits, influence others to do the same and create the conditions for habit change to stick within your organization.


"If you truly want to transform your organization, committing your leaders to hear and adopt new data and ideas is the best first step."

Tricia Ewald, EVP, Olson Engage
Workshop Attendee


Become Future Proof


The promise to improve people's lives is the only sustainable way to engage employees, satisfy customers and create a purposeful impact with your business.


Be the Change

How will you make your highest point of contribution in life? Redefine what it means to be a successful leader and create the habits you need to design the life and career you desire.

Ignite the Change

What will the work of tomorrow require? Design the mindsets and behaviors your team needs to succeed using the contexts of your business: systems, spaces, social and self.

Empower the Change

Who will your employees be after they interact with your company? Build a culture that empowers your people to design their lives, do their best work and drive the success of your organization.


Future Proofing in Action

Shifting PR Leaders from Mind-Full to Mindful
Olson Engage is helping its people purposefully disengage to make crucial space for creativity, strategic thinking, collaboration and focus.

Case study coming soon!