Be the change.

The things you do every day matter more than the things you do occasionally. 

Future proof your life + career using habits.


Leadership is constantly evolving. 

Keeping up with the skills required to lead others and navigate business is overwhelming.

If you've struggled to manage your workload while managing others, if you feel the pressures of managing upward, if you've experienced the constant need to be "on" for clients, if you stress about how to collaborate effectively across teams within your company, if you are sick and tired of the endless parade of culture change, performance improvement and leadership development initiatives that never seem to stick; then you're about to discover the solution you've been dreaming of...


What is the role of a Future Proof Leader?


6 roles leaders need for the modern era of work


Pattern Mapper


Social Connector

Meaning Maker

Trust Builder

Change Agent

Skill Seeker



Embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth designed to help you cultivate the mindsets, behaviors + conditions you need to be an effective modern leader.



Design sustainable habits into your life and work.


→ Go from mind-full to mindful: avoid burnout and improve your resiliency

→ Master the art of influence and connect more deeply with your colleagues, clients, friends and family

→ Be the person you want to be: arm yourself with greater self awareness, take better care of yourself and learn methods for in-the-moment emotional regulation

→ Design the life and career you've always dreamed of using habits



Finally, a Leadership Growth Program Designed for the Modern Era of Work


What you'll get

→ Discover your default behavior patterns and unlock the transformative power of the Enneagram

→ Improve your self-awareness via one-on-one mentorship sessions delivered by expert executive coaches

Decide what self-care means to you and create a plan for designing those pivotal habits into your life

Master the art of self-regulation using proven methods for managing your emotions in the moment

Access ongoing lessons and activities to push your growth practice to the next level

Get a habit-driven development plan designed just for you

→ Learn how to design the contexts you live and work within to maximize the success and sustainability of your habit changes

Improve your capacity for creativity, strategic thinking, collaboration, relationship building, focus and productivity!



What is standing in the way of your highest point of contribution in life?

Redefine what it means to be a successful leader and create the habits you need to design the life and career you desire.


Leadership Teams

We individually coach each member of your leadership team to create the habits every future proof leader needs. 

Functional Teams

We combine group and individual coaching sessions to improve the performance of your team using habit design.

Individual Leaders

Our executive coaches deliver a habit-driven growth program designed for new leaders and star performers.



Not sure which option is best for you or your team?


Quick Start Enneagram Offer

Enneagram Assessment + Report
2 Remote Coaching Sessions