NEEDED: Aware, Trustworthy, Purposeful, Connected, Emergent, Capable COMPANIES

The thinking, habits and structures that once served your company are probably making it difficult for you to compete, adapt and stay ahead of the game. Your people and leaders struggle to keep pace with the emerging skills needed for the work of today and tomorrow.



The problem is, most transformation or culture change initiatives fail to gain buy-in, maintain momentum and create sustainable change. 


They typically end up wasting time and moneydecreasing trust between leadership and employees, and they distract everyone from their core work.

If everyone agrees that an evolution is crucial for staying competitive in today's business environment, then why is it so rarely successful?


What is required for successful, sustainable change?


→ Executive leadership must be the change, walk the walk and visibly demonstrate the new ways of thinking and acting they desire from their people.

 Managers must be committed to owning the change, communicating its importance and modeling it within their teams even when the daily pressures of work and life get in the way.

→ Employees must be empowered to create the change and understand how their habits impact the success of the business in a real, tangible way.

→ Most importantly, the conditions of the company must evolve in order to support employees in this change.

If the policies and procedures, physical environment, team structures and employee development programs present barriers to change in any way, it will cause tension and frustration, resulting in abandonment of the initiative, a loss in trust, disengagement, and skepticism for future change projects. 


Companies cannot expect their people to do things differently if the company itself does not create the proper conditions for change.



Ignite the change. 

Build capacity within your company for habit-driven organization, culture and employee experience design that takes place across Four Contexts in which we live and work: 



We partner with teams of committed leaders over the course of 12-18 months.

What you'll get

  • A Baseline All-Employee Four Context Assessment + Report
  • 2-Hour Culture Strategy Conversation
  • 1-2 Day Context Design Workshop
  • Research-Driven Custom Recommendations for Which Habits Make the Difference + How to Engage Employees in Habit Creation
  • Plan Development Guidance + Appropriate Vendor Recommendations
  • Facilitated Group Accountability Sessions

I had a different belief system on what employee engagement was...This gave us more context in terms of what really causes employees to thrive, causes businesses to flourish, and customers to be delighted. We took away some very actionable ways to go about enabling employees to thrive — different ways than we knew before.”
— Jeff Olson, EVP, Olson Engage


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